June: Organizational Assessment: From Aye to Zed (06/14/12)

Organization Assessment:
From Aye to Zed 

Facilitator:  Ed Savage, Manager of Training and Development for L-3 Communications

Program:  Need to do an organization assessment?  Uncertain about how to go about it or looking for tips to improve your toolbox?  Join Ed Savage as he shares 30 years of learnings on organization assessments. Find out the simple and the complex, the broad and the deep, and some greats and goofs. Talk with Ed and the rest of the OD experts at the next DFW OD Network meeting June 14th.

PS: Do you have a current need to assess an organization? Send Ed a brief context and he will choose one of your real-world challenges as a case study for the evening.  So keep those cards and letters (oops, emails) and Linked-In comments coming!

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Facilitator Bio:    

Dr. Ed Savage Ed Savage Photo is the Manager of Training and Development for L-3 Communications Mission Integration Division in Greenville, TX — a 5,000 employee aerospace business. Ed has 30 years working leadership development and organization change in Fortune 500 businesses. He has conceived, designed, developed, and delivered leadership and organization change initiatives of all sorts domestically and internationally. Ed holds two graduate degrees from Pepperdine University, a doctorate in Organization Change, and a Masters in Organizational Development (as well as a BS in Management) from Sacred Heart University. He earned professional certifications of Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Registered Organization Development Consultant.

Contact:   Edward.W.Savage@L-3com.com    903-457-6078   903-453-7425 (Blackberry)


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