Welcome to our new Website!

This site is still in a Draft / Testing state, but is ready to get some feedback from the ODNet Planning Team.   What do you think?   (Comment below)

A quick tour:   All pages from the old site are here.  The six static pages are in the tabs across the top.   (Purpose and the OD Definition are combined into “About Us”.)    All the meetings are in Posts, with the upcoming meeting at the top.

On the right are four “widgets”.  We can put whatever we want in these.   (There are four more widget areas along the bottom if we need them.)   One area in particular we will want to think about populating is “Links”.

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  2. Rosemary Maellaro

    The University of Dallas location information for the meetings in odd months has changed. The new location of these meetings is Classroom #112 in the Art History Building, which is #11 on the campus map. Thanks!

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