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December: Annual Networking / Social Meeting (12/08/11)

Annual Networking/Social Meeting
and “Gold Elephant Book Exchange”

Meeting Goals:  
–  Connect – get to know one another better, personally & professionally
–  Learn – share knowledge informally during the book exchange
–  Enjoy – fellowship + creative responses (and humor) of the game

Please bring a gift-wrapped book that is meaningful to you – perhaps a book from your own library to ‘pay it forward’ or one from a second hand bookstore. Don’t spend a lot of money – it’s the thought that counts!

The game will be similar to a traditional white elephant gift exchange — each person in turn will unwrap a book or ‘steal’ one that someone else has already opened. Unlike ‘white elephants’ (which are often useless), the books are ‘gold elephants’ that will contain some unique nuggets of wisdom when opened (or stolen) by the right recipient! Discovering those golden nuggets will be part of the game as people talk about the books they give (and the ones they get)!

Handout/Procedure for the ‘Gold Elephant Gift Exchange’

Session Presenter/Facilitator:  Jim Jameson
Jim Jameson is the owner of Treetop Transformation.    We support change initiatives and strategies to improve the success rate of technology adoption.   Our goals include improved ROI on IT solution deployments while fostering a culture of collaboration, learning, and innovation.   We focus on the people side of technology change to broaden the perspectives of business users.