September: “The Critical Role of OD in DFW Healthcare Systems” (09/13/12)

Large Scale Change —
The critical role of Organization Development in DFW Healthcare Systems:
Texas Health Resources (24 hospitals and 21k employees) and Parkland Health and Hospital System

Program:    Some may wonder:  ‘With such big changes in the healthcare industry are organizations in critical condition?   Come and get an insider’s look at two different kinds of organizations in the same business. THR is a very large multi-site system that resulted from a series of Mergers and Acquisitions resulting in a “silo” culture that must move towards a single large “systems” organization and culture involving OD interventions and leadership development. Parkland is a large mostly single site, publicly funded organization with a politicized board of Directors chosen by Dallas County political actors and serving a predominantly low income population which is presently on probation with Medicare and needing serious culture change.  Much change is in progress in both institutions!

[ Did you notice the meeting time?  This is our annual in-depth meeting, which goes from lunch to mid-afternoon.  This format is used once each year in September or October to offer a deeper exploration of a current hot topic.  See location and schedule below. ]     

Panelists:   (See BIOs below.)

Sushma Aggarwal, Director of Organization Effectiveness, Texas Health Resources: Center For Learning and Career Development

Andrew Gray, Manager of Leadership and Organization Development, Parkland Hospital and Health Care

Event Organizers:     Gene Ruckle, Gene Ruckle Associates and UT Arlington College of Business and Glen Earl, O.D. Specialist, Parkland Hospital.

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Panelist BIOs:    

Sushma PictureSushma Aggarwal  is Director of  Learning and Professional Development at Texas Health Resources.  She has over 15 years of professional experience in driving Organizational Effectiveness through leadership development; performance management; career and succession planning; and employee engagement. Her career passions include developing a high performance culture and growing an internal talent pipeline through leadership, mentoring, and coaching programs. Sushma holds an MS in Organization Development and Analysis and is currently enrolled in the PhD program through Fielding Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California.  Contact: (682) 236 – 6185.

Andy PictureAndrew Gray  is the Manager of the Leadership and Organizational Development department at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. He has worked as a training and organizational development professional for over 20 years.  During that time he has worked for a variety of organizations including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Illinois, The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and  Andy has a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Human Behavior from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Psychology, also from SMU.  His areas of professional emphasis are organizational effectiveness surveys, leadership development, team building, performance management, and coaching.

  We look forward to seeing you there!

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