DFW OD Network Programs for 2018       Updated 12/11/17

January 11:  What is OD Today- Where is it going?
    Coordinator: Bob Shelton        Presenter: Pete Sorenson
February 8:  OD Position on Remote/Telework: Issues with Trust
    Coordinator: TBD        Presenter: TBD
March 8:  Center for Brain Health- Brain Healthy Workplace
    Coordinators: Suzette Bryan        Presenter: TBD
April 12:  The Science of Decision Making: Beyond Human Gravity
    Coordinator: TBD        Presenter: Joy Griggs
May 10:  Empower Organizational Development through Collaboration
    Coordinator: TBD        Presenter: Bud Brown
June 14:  Diversity and Inclusion and Today’s Workplace Challenges
    Coordinator: TBD        Presenter: Caroline Cavin
July 12:  Appreciative Inquiry
    Coordinator: Tom Boldrey        Presenter:  TBD
August 9:  A Millennial View of OD   [or “OD – Next Generation”]
    Coordinators: TBD        Presenters: Glen Earl + TBD
September 13:  Toyota Tour – Open Space – OD Applications
    Coordinator: Bob Shelton        Presenter: Dave Reazin
October 11:  Opportunistic?  (Joint with another Org?)
    Coordinator: Dale Hintz        Presenter: TBD
November 8:  DFW OD Network Program Planning for 2018
    Coordinator: Logan Renfrow        Presenter: Logan Renfrow
December 13:  Annual Networking/Social & Gold Elephant Book Exchange
    Coordinator: Jim Jameson        Presenter: Jim Jameson