October: Sustainable Organizational Change with Neuroscience (10/13/16)

Please join us on Thursday October 13 at American Airlines Headquarters *
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Create Sustainable Organizational Change with Neuroscience 

Meaningful organizational change doesn’t happen when companies and individuals are on auto-pilot.  Imposed change often elicits the neurochemical responses of fight, flight, freeze, flock, and freak. Even advice or information can be registered in the mind as unwarranted change and evoke one or more of these responses.

Sustainable organizational change rewires organizational processes and structures, analogous to the neuro-chemical systems of the entire body and brain.

What does it takes to unwire corporate and personal habits, and rewire new ones? This session will be a fun combination of experiential exercises, highlights of the latest neuroscience, and practical ways to implement positive organizational changes. Come to learn more than you expect!

Presenters:  Terri A. G. Adkisson, MBA  and  Tom Boldrey, Ed.D.
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Schedule for Thursday Evening:
–  6:30  Intros / Networking / Food
–  7:15  Announcements / Program
–  8:45  Closing and evaluation

Meeting Location:  American Airlines Headquarters *
   4333 Amon Carter Boulevard, Center Port 5 (6 Story Building)
   Fort Worth, TX 76155

>> Click for Satellite Map of the building and parking (with lat/long)
Note: Take Hwy 183 to Amon Carter exit; Go south to Sovereign Rd (SW corner).

Parking  is plentiful, free, and very close to the door (see map).  ADA accessible.

Cost:   No charge for members ($60/year).  $10 for guests.

Presenter BIOs:      

Terri Adkisson sees things that aren’t there yet, but should be. She combines a deep knowledge of business strategy, operations, and market development to help clients become more profitable in less time.

Her clients have ranged from high-tech startups to a $2 Billion public agency that develops Arctic infrastructure. She assesses risks and opportunities and offers options where geographic, logistical, financial, and human capital constraints affect both public and private sectors. Her work has included projects as far away as Russia, Switzerland, and the Red Dog Mine in Alaska.

Ms. Adkisson is a Founding Partner in the nFLXn Point Group, a consulting firm that helps companies get to the next level, and have fun doing it.  Terri holds an MBA from UT Austin and a BBA in MIS from the University of Oklahoma.  She is a graduate of Leadership Dallas and served on the Board of Directors for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) for 8 years.  She currently chairs the Partnership Committee for the North Texas chapter of the US Green Building Council.

Tom Boldrey is known as an architect of self-leadership at all levels of organizations and for elegantly blending action learning with skill development. He is highly regarded for designing and delivering on-going workplace academies tailored to the needs of each organization. He has long term clients in healthcare, banking, and non-profit organizations. His deep expertise is based on unparalleled first-hand, and applied learning from many seminal thought leaders including Peter Block, Will Schutz, Marvin Weisbord, Ken Blanchard, George Leonard, Steven Covey, Joe Dispenza, David Meier, and Ned Herrmann. He received the coveted “Big Thinker” Award from Ned Herrmann in 1998 for his innovative Whole Brain® applications.

Tom is a 1979 graduate of the University Associates HRD-OD program and served on its faculty. He holds advanced certifications in HBDI® and Whole Brain® Thinking, MBTI® and Psychological Type®, Strength Deployment Inventory (SDIÒ), and FIRO-B®. He is ICF certified as an Integral Coach. Dr. Boldrey is Professor Emeritus, College of Business and Applied Sciences at Eastern Illinois University. Invite him for a glass of wine or ask him about horsing around at Dallas EQUEST.

 We look forward to seeing you there!

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