Cutting Edge Trends in Leadership Development (11/10/11)

Cutting Edge Trends in Leadership Development:
Behavior Change vs. Knowledge Acquisition

Program Description:     This is an exciting time in the field of Leadership Development as we are seeing the movement from knowledge acquisition- “It’s all about ideas” to Behavior Change- “It’s all about leaders’ behavior and how it impacts and empowers the people they lead.” This program will be highly participative and experiential. It is based on the work of Gene Ruckle and the talented and diverse team of eight people that helped him complete the design for Leading in the 21st Century, a new cutting edge corporate leadership development program (Brochure). As part of the roll out Gene had meetings with 25 CEO’s and high level corporate leaders. And by the end of the evening the experiences of everyone in the room will have been added to the mix.

Session Presenter/Facilitator: Gene Ruckle
Gene Ruckle will serve as the Leading in the 21st Century’s program director. Ruckle founded and owns an organization development (O.D.) consulting practice. He was formerly the director of the masters program in O.D. and change management at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is a graduate of the American University/NTL masters program in O.D. and has spent the last two years developing and refining the concept for this program. While developing this idea, Ruckle met with a number of associates working in corporations such as Texas Instruments, American Airlines, Lockheed-Martin, Bell Helicopter, Thomas S. Byrne, L.L.C. and the Sammons Corp. These engagements underscored the true potential for a corporate sponsorship based leadership development program.

“Gene is a valuable catalyst for any organization seeking to make a quantum leap in capability. He facilitated the development of our entire business team to be leaders of change rather than simply managers of events. Bottom line, he enabled our organization to move from the industry cellar in product quality and service to number one over a four-year period. More importantly, the organizational culture was transformed and now positioned for even greater accomplishments. Gene is truly an expert in the heart of organizational change leadership.”– January 26, 2010, from V.P. of Global Operations of medium sized manufacturing company. This company also went to the top of the industry in market share and profit margin.

Gene Ruckle –  Principal, Gene Ruckle Associates, Dallas, TX     214-632-3541

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