March: Human Capital — Creating a Collaborative Culture (03/08/12)

 Monica Sudomir photo“Human Capital:  Creating a Collaborative Culture” 

By: Monica Sudomir, Director of Change Management – Medsynergies, Inc.

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Program Description:

The Challenge
o  Project manage the transition of several hundred IT employees from a not-for-profit health system to a for-profit IT outsourcing service provider in ten weeks
  –  800 IT employees across 3 states
  –  48 cultural and system disparities
  –  48 communication patterns/expectations
  –  27 benefit plans and payroll systems
  –  27 data centers
  –  Drug screening – Force Field Analysis

The Solution
o  How did we do it
§  Transformation plan
§  Transformation process  (Communication, Buy-in, Culture, Change)
§  Project team
§  Celebration/recognition

The Results
 o  What did we accomplish (measurable and non-measurable results)
       –  Post-transition project survey results – “the proof is in the pudding”
        –  Account start-up (sustain, standardize, stabilize)
        –  Two-year post-transition retention rate

Presenter Bio:   Monica Sudomir is director of change management for MedSynergies. In this role, she is responsible for planning the change management strategy and approach, conducting stakeholder/impact analyses, and developing communication and change management plans to support a variety of change initiatives across MedSynergies.

Ms. Sudomir has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of change management, employee engagement and transition management of employees acquired through outsourcing or company acquisition. She developed the employee transition methodology for Perot Systems, now Dell Services, which became a company best practice.

Ms. Sudomir also managed several employee transitions for Perot Systems healthcare group including a complex transition of more than 600 healthcare IT employees at 48 locations in 3 states.

As a trusted advisor and accomplished project manager, Ms. Sudomir was personally requested by Ross Perot, Sr. to edit and publish the revised edition of his autobiography, My Life & The Principles for Success. She follows the leadership principles and style of Ross Perot, Sr. and believes that listening and acting on the ideas of the people who do the work every day instills loyalty and a sense of ownership.

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