Growing Change Leaders and Doing Change Right (06/09/2011)

Growing Change Leaders and Doing Change Right    June 9, 2011

rogram Description:    This will be an experiential program based upon Gene’s work in the field of “social change” and his work with companies on doing change that results in measurable value-added for the company.

The key to effective change initiatives is not “buy-in” but ownership. Ownership results from a genuine invitation by the change leaders to everyone in the system, involved with the change, to make the best design and, when it is being implemented, to step in and tune it up so that it is successful. Each of these people has a unique view of and expertise for their piece of the process.

Gene will discuss the use of Action Learning as both a process and a powerful program that involves a small group of people solving real problems while at the same time focusing on what they are learning, and how their learning can benefit each group member and the organization as a whole.” Michael Marquardt

The program is based on two key foundation areas of change theory and methodology. First are the principles contained in self organizing systems theory and their application in complex adaptive systems methodology. Second is the work of John Kotter and Dan Cohen codified in the books, The Heart of Change and The Heart of Change Field Guide. The first describes the eight steps to effective large scale change processes, documented by a substantial survey of 200 companies around the world, reporting successful change initiatives. The second describes the subtleties of implementing the model based on the experience of Cohen as leader of the Deloitte Consulting National Large Scale Change Practice.

Presenter/Learning Facilitator:   Gene Ruckle

In addition to his O.D. consulting practice, Gene is the Director of Leading in the 21st Century, a “High Potentials” Corporate Leadership Development Program, which he developed, at the University of Texas at Arlington, College of Business. Gene also has a program called Leading in the 21st Century. Leading Change in the 21st Century was a featured program in the Leadership track of the national Organization Development Network’s Annual Conference in Nov, 2005 and drew standing room only attendance of 55 people. Gene and Reagan Stephens, his long term customer presented.

An unsolicited reference (Jan., 2009): “Gene is a valuable catalyst for any organization seeking to make a quantum leap in capability. He facilitated the development of our entire business team to be leaders of change rather than simply managers of events. Bottom line, he enabled our organization to move from the industry cellar in product quality and service to #1 over a four year period. More importantly, the organizational culture was transformed and now positioned for even greater accomplishments. Gene is truly an expert in the heart of organizational change leadership”.

The following outcomes were achieved:

  1. The company’s rating in an independent industry wide customer survey moved dramatically upward. AOC is now ranked first in product quality and tied for first in reliable service in the industry.
  2. More importantly, its pricing policies also shifted to reflect the enhanced value delivered to its customers and the highest profit margin in the industry.
  3. The company’s #1 market share continued to increase during this same period.

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