January: Organizational Change using Social Media (01/10/13)

Leveraging Social Media for Organizational Change

Program:   Digital technologies (such as Twitter, Facebook, and many lesser known tools) can be leveraged in unique ways to build collaboration and capacity for organizational change. In this month’s OD Net meeting we will take a look at how to use ‘social media’ platforms like these as powerful collaboration tools.

Our goals for this discussion will be to discover new insights and gain some hands-on knowledge for deploying both well-known and lesser-known social media ‘enablers’ to inform and encourage many change initiatives.

Facilitator:  Blake Godkin, Futurist, Strategy Consultant, and Lifelong Learner.

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Facilitator Bio:   Blake Godkin is a futurist, strategy consultant, creativity expert, and professional facilitator. He works closely with organizations to bring about future-focused organizational transformation by helping them create and manage new ideas. Blake finds unique ways to understand his clients’ aspirations for the future, and then leverages his expertise in trends and facilitation tools to build capacity for change.

His client experience includes educational institutions at all levels, as well as non-profit and corporate entities. His ongoing research focuses on enhancing organizational strategic planning through aspirational thinking. Blake holds a Bachelor in Design from Texas A&M University, a Master of Science in Creativity & Change Leadership from SUNY College at Buffalo, and he is currently completing a Ph.D. in Planning with a research emphasis on strategic planning.   See   Blake’s LinkedIn Profile


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