February: Naming Elephants – How To Surface Undiscussables for Greater Organizational Success (02/09/12)

Naming Elephants: How To Surface Undiscussables for Greater Organizational Success

Program Description:         (Here’s the  linkedin event link for this meeting.)  
Dave Reazin will give an overview and facilitate a practitioner discussion based on ideas from the   Thin Book of Naming Elephants: How to Surface Undiscussables for Greater Organizational Success    by Sue Annis Hammon and Andrea Mayfield.

Link to PowerPoint Handout

Discussions will include practitioner experiences on:

1.  Naming the “elephants” of:
.     a. Success breeds hubris – the feeling of success is due to one’s brilliance
.     b. The normalization of arrogance
.     c. The Smart-Talk Trap

2.  How decision-making for organizational success was impacted by naming or not naming the “elephants”

3. Strategies to use to encourage others to name “elephants”

Session Presenter/Facilitator:    Dave Reazin is an Environmental Protection Specialist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Region 6. He is a member of the Partnerships and communications Team and is involved in assisting staff adopt Adobe Connect 8 for conducting virtual collaboration and originating webinars. He also promotes energy efficiency practices at water and wastewater utilities.

His organizational development interests are in building high performing teams and organizational change using internet technology.

His academic background includes a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Geology from Indiana University and an MBA – Management from the University of Texas at Arlington.


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