The Relationship Between Internal and External O.D. Professionals or Lack Thereof (12/9/2010)

The Relationship Between Internal and External O.D. Professionals or Lack Thereof — December 9, 2010

This will be a timely and highly participative program about the experiences and relationships between internal and external Organization Development Consultants. We will begin with Cindi and Gene’s experiences and perspectives as a launch to a more involved conversation that gets everyone into the discussion of the frustrations of each role based on actual experiences. We will then move onto a discussion of how we would like to see that reality change, given the “if only” scenarios.

And finally we shall look into that future for OD Consultants, in the context of

  1. •Changing technologies
  2. •Reduced Economies
  3. •Resistance from within companies.
  4. ‣”Why do CEO’s, COO’s and CIO’s always ask me at the last minute to help them clean up their “poop”?
    1. -Yet how far are they willing to go? Really committed? Trying to fulfill objectives with false “buy-ins”?
    2. -Are money and commitment behind the talk?

Join us in having fun, a challenging conversation and “starting a movement”!!


Cindi Cunningham, Internal Consultant

Cindi is the Organizational Change Management Specialist for the Jetstream program at American Airlines. In this position, Cindi is responsible for working across each of the Business Planning units and IT to ensure that all are introduced to change education. Cindi avails herself as the meeting / session facilitator as needed and works with the individual business units providing support in planning or executing workshops or kickoff sessions. Cindi’s focus is on employee engagement, stakeholder analysis and assessment for the Jetstream program and providing structure around organizational and cultural change for AA as it begins to shift to a new Passenger Services System (PSS).

Cindi received her education in Business Administration/Management from Texas Tech University and the University of Texas at Arlington and has 15 years of prior American Airlines’ experience where she worked with HR and in various management capacities at the Southern Reservations Office. She has broad experience from AMR Information Services’ TeleService Resources, where she served in Manager, Director and Managing Director positions leading Sales Support, Operations, and Client Services as well as Strategic Business Alliances and Development.

Cindi is skilled in organizational assessment, change management, service delivery, abd process re-engineering as well as technology assessment / selection, and honed these skills not only within AMR, but with other travel and hospitality companies including the Inter-Continental Hotels Group, and Pegasus Solutions Inc.

Gene Ruckle, External Consultant

In addition to his O.D. consulting practice, Gene is the Director of Leading in the 21st Century, a “High Potentials” Corporate Leadership Development Program, which he developed, at the University of Texas at Arlington, College of Business.

“Gene is a valuable catalyst for any organization seeking to make a quantum leap in capability. He facilitated the development of our entire business team to be leaders of change rather than simply managers of events. Bottom line, he enabled our organization to move from the industry cellar in product quality and service to #1 over a four year period. More importantly, the organizational culture was transformed and now positioned for even greater accomplishments. Gene is truly an expert in the heart of organizational change leadership.” (through a customer’s eyes and experience)

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