August: Igniting Employee Engagement (08/11/16)

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Igniting Employee Engagement:
The Force Awakens

Employee engagement is defined as the willingness to expend discretionary effort to accomplish work tasks. Consistently, national surveys document that within American companies, only 1/3 of the workforce is fully engaged. Collectively, billions of dollars are lost each year due to 2/3 of the workforce doing just enough to accomplish assigned tasks and no more. And added to that, are the 10% of the workforce that are fully disengaged. These employees actively work against the mission and stated goals of the organization.

Nowadays, you can throw a rock in any direction and hit several employee engagement companies, all touting their goods and services that promise to improve your organization’s employee engagement scores. If even a portion of those promises actually came true, when you add up all of their collectively percentage increase you’d have 100% of American companies with 100% fully engaged employees.

Well, that just ain’t the case honey!  So why is that so?  What’s really going on in corporate America?  Why has employee engagement not substantially improved in the last 15 years?  Why has employee engagement never improved, by any large measure, since engagement scores have been tracked?

Come to August’s DFW ODN meeting to find out why the current engagement landscape is what it is, what the real underlying issues are, and how to truly change engagement scores in your organization. Dr. Glen Earl will lead a lively conversation about the whys and why-nots, and how to make true, lasting, and substantial employee engagement change within your organization.

Facilitator:  Dr. Glen B. Earl, Parkland Hospital (See full BIO below.)

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Schedule for Thursday Evening:
–  6:30  Intros / Networking / Food
–  7:15  Announcements / Program
–  8:45  Closing and evaluation

Meeting Location:  American Airlines Headquarters *
   4333 Amon Carter Boulevard, Center Port 5 (6 Story Building)
   Fort Worth, TX 76155

>> Click for Satellite Map of the building and parking (with lat/long)
Note: Take Hwy 183 to Amon Carter exit; Go south to Sovereign Rd (SW corner).

Parking  is plentiful, free, and very close to the door (see map).  ADA accessible.

Cost:   No charge for members ($60/year).  $10 for guests.

Facilitator BIO:   

Dr. Glen B. Earl  currently works as an OD Consultant for Parkland Hospital, focusing on succession planning and performance management.

He has over 20 years’ experience in Leadership and Organization Development in the financial, manufacturing, and healthcare industries.  Glen is also a member of the National OD Network’s Professional Development and Education Committee. 

 We look forward to seeing you there!

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