August: Winds of Innovation: Perils & Rewards — Dr. Maureen Clemmons (08/13/15)

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Wind, Pyramids, & Obelisks:
A Living Case Study in the Perils & Rewards of Innovation

OD professionals facilitate change, and innovation is one of the arrows in our quiver. In this session, Maureen Clemmons will recount her journey into developing a pragmatic theory that ancient Egyptians harnessed the wind to build their monuments.

Told from the perspective from someone who actually teaches innovation, Dr. Clemmons shares her story of taking an idea from inception, into the field where she demonstrated her theory, and finally into the history books. Her story is one of failure, success, perseverance and unrelenting determination. What makes this session so interesting is that it is framed from the perspective of a practitioner who understands the academic models of change.

Please join us in August to meet this pioneer and hear her remarkable story!

Speaker: Dr. Maureen Clemmons – President, Transformations (See full Bio below.)

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Schedule for Thursday Evening:
–  6:30  Intros / Networking / Food
–  7:15  Announcements / Program
–  8:45  Closing and evaluation

Meeting Location:  American Airlines Headquarters *
   4333 Amon Carter Boulevard, Center Port 5 (6 Story Building)
   Fort Worth, TX 76155

>> Click for Satellite Map of the building and parking (with lat/long)
Note: Take Hwy 183 to Amon Carter exit; Go south to Sovereign Rd (SW corner).

Parking  is plentiful, free, and very close to the door (see map).  ADA accessible.

Cost:   No charge for members ($60/year).  $10 for guests.

Speaker Bio:   Dr. Maureen Clemmons holds both an Ed.D in Organization Change and an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University. She is the president of Transformations, a consulting practice located in Winnetka, California whose associates specialize in Innovation, Change Management and Entrepreneurship. Her clients include Interorbital Space Systems, Taberco Inc, US Biofuels, The Traveling Space Museum, and others. She has lectured at dozens of these institutions and in many colleges, universities, and centers of innovation.

Her documentary “Flying Pyramids, Soaring Stones” airs internationally on the History Channel, profiling her theory and research demonstrating the ancient Egyptians could have harnessed the wind to build their monuments. Her book “Soaring Stones” is currently available on in paperback and electronic versions.

Accolades include:  Leader of National Geographic Society Expedition EC-Y02 and Fellow of the Explorer’s Club, Wings World Quest and National University. In addition, she was honored to carry Wings World Quest Expedition Flag #11 and Expedition Flag #22.

A side note:  We would like to thank Dr. Ed Savage for facilitating this meeting and introducing us to Dr. Clemmons. Ed is a highly experienced OD/OC professional who met Maureen while they were studying Organization Change at Pepperdine University, and is a personal witness to her journey. He is known for his pragmatic integration of OD technologies in organizations and change.

 We look forward to seeing you there!

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