What is the hidden asset most corporations are neglecting and how can you leverage this information? (04/14/11)

ODNet April 14, 2011

Dr. Virginia Trevizo Wells will share her dissertation findings regarding Latinas climbing the corporate ladder.      During this exciting session you will learn:

• The barriers/challenges that women especially Latinas face regarding their upward ascent into competent executives.

• The accelerators that women can utilize to move them upward and forward in their careers.

• Recommendations that corporations can use to attract Latinas and retain them.

• Discover the ideal characteristics and profile of top performing Latinas.

Presenter:     Dr. Virginia Trevizo Wells   is the CEO/President of Organizational Behavior Consulting & Training (OBC&T), a firm that focuses on coaching, consulting, and training top level executives and organizations on leadership development and how to strategically leverage each individual’s talents.  Recently she was hired by the University of Phoenix to teach masters and doctoral students in their new Industrial/Organization Program.  Currently she is teaching Small Business Management at Mountain View College.

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